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Don’t expect Laura to crack under pressure. Her open demeanor and go-with-the-flow mentality allows her to thrive in an environment where a day is never duplicated. She happily accepts the nature of a perpetually evolving and changing tax world, and is committed to seeing the bigger picture, not just the narrow issue at hand.

Laura provides legal advice to business owners throughout the ‘tax life cycle’ – from starting a business to retiring a business and everything in between – including trust and estate planning. Her favourite part of this? Really getting to know her clients and their families. She also prides herself on working collectively with a professional advisory team, integrating her legal experience into a brainchild of tax greatness for clients.

With entrepreneurship bloodlines, Laura’s sixth (seventh? eighth?) sense of business owners’ needs assists her in offering timely, realistic advice that is perfectly tailored. She embraces this business-minded approach with vigour and diligence.